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____  關于我們  ____

About Us



Shenzhen HOLEO New Material Technology Co. , Ltd. is a high-tech company locate in Shenzhen city and attach to Yunling Chemical group which has other 4 independent-owned enterprises such as Yunling(Guangzhou) Chemical Co. , Ltd. , Yunling(Shenzhen) Chemical Co. , Ltd. , Shenzhen Tongde Hot Melt Adhesive Co. , Ltd. and HOLEO(Kunshang) New Material Co. , Ltd. . After many years effort and development , Yunling Chemical group has grown to be a leading manufacture enterpraise in chemical field.
Founded in 1995, we are focused on development and production of chemical raw and modified materials , household adhesive and tape, industrial adhesive , electronic adhesive and new energy adhesive. In theory and application fields , we have approached to “specialized, scaled and matured“ and won costomer's highly trust and admiration.

    浩力新材料公司基于丙烯酸樹脂(UV)、環氧、有機硅等基礎材料的研究與開發,逐步形成體系化的膠粘劑解決方案。產品廣泛應用于觸控顯示、光通訊、量子點顯示、Mini&Micro LED顯示、攝像頭模組、新能源、微電子封裝以及各類電子組裝等領域。

Based on the research and development of acrylic resin (UV), epoxy, silicone and other basic materials, HOLEO has gradually formed a systematic adhesive solution. The products are widely used in touch display, optical communication, quantum dot display, Mini & Micro LED display, camera module, microelectronic packaging and various electronic assembly fields.
We sincerely hold the tenet of “customers supreme, integrity-based, technical innovation , win-win cooperation” and continue to strong team construction and product innovation in order to service our customers with high quality products and technical support. In the future , We will try to make contributions to “Created In China” and become the world-famous adhesive solution provider.

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